First Look & Why They Rock!
So what exactly is a first look? Simply put – it’s when the bride & groom spend some time before the ceremony (yes, before) in a private moment where I get to capture the intimacy of them seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day… seriously private and seriously worth it. Typically, I’ll scout out a spot that is remote and away from guests. Then we’ll lead the groom over to wait anxiously for his bride to tap him on the shoulder so he can turn around and… WOW… see her in her glorious beauty, share true & intimate emotions, and admire who he is about to walk down the aisle with. Not only does this make for some amazing memories & photos, but you get to share a moment together in the rush that can sometimes be your wedding day! Most couples say that their nervousness is completely gone afterwards, and that despite having seen each other before the ceremony, they still feel equally special when they walk down the isle and see their bride/groom again. Why? Because both moments are completely different. Nothing can ever replace seeing your bride/groom at the end of the isle, locking eyes for the first time and realizing that in a few minutes you will officially be one another’s 🙂 The first look, on the contrary, is more of a moment spent together, in privacy, in a slow pace – in what otherwise might be the hustle and bustle of your busy wedding day. It’s a chance for you both to soak it all in and enjoy one another.


Why is a first look important for me?? Because it gives me the opportunity to produce natural, light-infused, gorgeous photographs that might (depending on your schedule) be missed otherwise. I’d like to believe that my clients not only hired me to document their day, but because they love the art that I create in my photography and that they want that
same style for their own wedding photos. If your schedule doesn’t allow a lot of sunlight for photos, consider the first look – it’s one way that we can count on to get you the same gorgeousness in your own photos that made you fall in love with my photography when you first visited my website 🙂
I hope these tips/details will help you in making a decision for your own wedding & first look. While I think it’s a great break from tradition, at the end of the day it all depends on the bride & groom and how they feel about it. If you have any questions – just let me know! I’d be happy to offer some tips when creating your own wedding schedule.


There are some circumstances that truly call out for a first look, such as:
– You have an evening ceremony and you want to use natural light to capture your important photos.
– You have a tight wedding schedule and you need to do all of your group/family photos before the ceremony.
– You want to have plenty of time to venture out for your bride/groom photos.
– You don’t mind trying out this new tradition.
Does it create some awesome memories? Yes. Can it improve your wedding day schedule? Yes. Is it for everyone? No!
Only you can decide if this is the right choice for you & your groom! If you have a full day for your wedding and aren’t constricted on time, or if you have a day-time ceremony where you’ll have plenty of sunlight for your photos… maybe you can afford to wait until afterwards and not do a first look. It’s definitely a break from tradition! And it’s completely your choice!

Capture those beautiful moments by starting with “THE FIRST LOOK

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